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Versatile LED designed for convenience and professional performance


Solix Compact Kit


Solix Apollo Orb 1-Light Kit


Solix 2-Light Kit by Jen Rozenbaum



Portable D-Tap Battery


Meet the New Solix LED

Solix LED with Removable Diffusion Cap and Integrated Speedring

Unmatched Versatility

Solix is the first compact continuous LED light source with an integrated rotatable speedring to attach softboxes up to 4.5 lbs.

Solix LED Monolight Control Dial for Adjustable Output

Hassle-Free Design

A dual-purpose dial controls both power and dimming up to 2,125 lux at 1 meter. The built-in tilter bracket allows for quick positioning and umbrella mounting. Accessories attach quickly using convenient magnetic mounting.

Solix High-End LEDs and Daylight Output

Impressive Light Quality

Designed with powerful high-end LEDs, the Solix’s continuous daylight-balanced output eliminates the guesswork in lighting. It's color accurate with a 96 CRI that compliments ambient daylight.

Solix LED Portable Monolight with AC/DC Power

Built for Portability

Solix is compact, lightweight, and operates on AC/DC power for use in-studio and on-location. It pairs with any D-Tap/PowerTap 14.8v battery with D-Tap cable.

Solix Flicker-Free LEDs

Consistent Performance

With flicker-free output up to 960 FPS, minimal heat through prolonged runtimes, and a quiet internal fan, the Solix is an ideal light source for video production.

Solix LED with Removable Barndoors and PowerStrap

Added Convenience

Removable all-metal barndoors and diffusion cap direct and soften output. The PowerStrap by Tether Tools secures the power source directly to a stand or boom.