U60-B Accessories

U60-B Accessories

Enhance your U60-B LED Kit with versatile light modifiers, high-capacity batteries, and case options for added portability and convenience.



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NP-F Battery Grip with Batteries and Charger (L60-B, U60-B)NP-F Battery Grip with Batteries and Charger (L60-B, U60-B)
NP-F Battery Grip (L60-B, U60-B)NP-F Battery Grip (L60-B, U60-B)
NP-F Battery Grip (L60-B, U60-B)
Sale price$49.90
D-Tap to Barrel Power Cable
D-Tap to Barrel Power Cable
Sale price$19.90
4999 - Compact Carry CaseCompact Soft Sided 2-Light Carry Case
Compact Collapsible Umbrella - Optical White Satin with Removable Black Cover (43")#2011 - 43" White Satin Collapsible Umbrella with Removable Black Cover
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Standard Umbrella - Optical White Satin Diffusion (45")Standard Umbrella - Optical White Satin Diffusion (45")
Lightweight 6.5' Light StandLightweight Light Stand (6.5')
Lightweight Light Stand (6.5')
Sale price$29.90
Collapsible 5-in-1 Reflector with Gold Surface (40")Collapsible 5-in-1 Reflector with Gold Surface (40")
V-Mount Battery ClampV-Mount Battery Clamp
V-Mount Battery Clamp
Sale price$29.90
U60-B LED with Diffusion Cap and Softbox

U60-B LED Kits

Lighting for Creators 

U60-B 2-Light Kit Shooting PortraitU60-B 2-Light Kit Shooting Portrait

Content Creator Lighting Made Easy 

Whether you're a photographer, content creator, or just want to shine on your Zoom calls, these versatile LED kits simplify lighting for a range of creative projects. They adapt seamlessly to your needs, perfect for lighting portraits, product shots, podcasts, video conferences, self-tapes, and more.

Achieve Softer, More Flattering Portrait Lighting 

U60-B LED Kits stand out for their soft, diffused lighting. The compact 60W bi-color LED boasts impressive color accuracy with ratings of up to 97 CRI, 99 TLCI, and 83 SSI. It provides softer, more flattering light than standard LED panels, while ensuring true-to-life colors and skin tones. For video content creators, the U60-B provides silent and flicker-free operation at high frame rates of up to 4,000 FPS.

Precise Control at Your Fingertips 

Take command of your lighting with ease. Adjust brightness from 1% to 100% and fine-tune color temperature from 3200K to 5600K using the intuitive controls. You can do this via the built-in LCD screen and onboard controls, or the included wireless remote. With a range of up to 115’ (35m), the remote provides ultimate convenience and flexibility. Plus, it lets you control multiple U60-B LEDs simultaneously, streamlining your lighting setup.

Quick Setup, Anywhere 

Efficiency is key, whether you're on-location or in your home studio. The U60-B's quick assembly process is a game-changer. Its fast magnetic light modifier mounting lets you attach the included collapsible octabox or diffusion cap without the hassle of additional tools or speedrings. This time-saving feature lets you focus on capturing stunning content.

Versatile & Flexible Lighting Options

With U60-B LED Kits, you have the freedom to customize your lighting for every project. Utilize the 22” octabox and diffusion cap for soft or dramatic lighting. Aluminum light stands provide precise light positioning, and the tilter bracket offers 360-degree rotation.

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