L60-B COB LED Lighting Accessories

L60-B COB LED Lighting Accessories

The L60-B is a perfect blend of performance and portable video lighting. With versatile light modifiers, AC/DC power options, and mobile app control, the only limit is your imagination.



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Switch Insert (Westcott Mini, FJ200, L60-B)
4999 - Compact Carry CaseCompact Soft Sided 2-Light Carry Case
NP-F Battery Grip (L60-B, U60-B)NP-F Battery Grip (L60-B, U60-B)
NP-F Battery Grip (L60-B, U60-B)
Sale price$49.90
#4748 - 5" Reflector for FJ200 and FJ8070-Degree Reflector for FJ200, FJ80, L60-B
L60-B Gel & Umbrella Reflector MountL60-B Gel & Umbrella Reflector Mount
D-Tap to Barrel Power Cable
D-Tap to Barrel Power Cable
Sale price$19.90
L60-B 45° Ultra Reflector
L60-B 45° Ultra Reflector
Sale price$29.90
MV95 Mini V-Mount 14.8V Li-Ion Battery KitMV95 Mini V-Mount 14.8V Li-Ion Battery Kit
NP-F Battery Grip with Batteries & Charger (L60-B, U60-B)NP-F Battery Grip with Batteries & Charger (L60-B, U60-B)
L60-B COB Lights Daylight and Tungsten Color Temperature Comparison

L60-B LED Video Light

L60-B COB for Photo and Video Shown Held in Palm of HandL60-B COB for Photo and Video Shown Held in Palm of Hand

Go Anywhere with the Smallest 60W COB LED

Meet the smallest 60W bi-color LED light. At 20% smaller than any other COB LED, it emits extraordinary output for its 3.2 x 3.2 x 5.5” size. With the included 45° Ultra Reflector, this portable constant light provides up to 15,000 lux at 1 meter. Pack the compact LED into its carry case to easily create professional content anywhere, anytime.

L60-B LED COB for Photo and Video with Rapid Box Switch Attached

Portable Video Lighting Kits

Compact 1-light, 2-light kits pair the L60-B LED with the versatile Rapid Box Switch Octa-S softbox, 45° Ultra Reflector for maximum light intensity, and backpack with large storage compartments for easy travel.

L60-B COB 3-Light Kit Packed in Carry Case

Hit the Road with a 3-Light Travel Lighting Kit

Pack the most lighting power with the 3-light kit. Use the included Westcott Mini light mount adapters for extensive compatibility with the award-winning line of Rapid Box Switch light modifiers (up to 3 lbs.). Pair with a Rapid Box Switch Lantern, 24” Beauty Dish, Octa-S, Octa-M, strip softboxes, or 2x3 rectangular softbox.

L60-B LED COB with Portable Battery Grip Used in Kitchen for Food Photography

Transform the L60 into a Battery-Powered Video Light

Take the Westcott L60-B's versatility to new levels with the L60-B Battery Grip with NP-F Adapter. By no longer relying on AC power or light stands for support, the 60W LED can be used anywhere. It's ideal for run-and-gun filmmaking, lighting effects, and on-location photography.

L60-B LED COB Dual-Battery Pack with Battery Being InsertedL60-B LED COB Dual-Battery Pack with Battery Being Inserted

Portable Power for L60-B LED

The NP-F970 Dual Battery Pack with Charger provides power to Westcott’s L60-B COB LED when AC power isn’t an option. Get up to 2 hours of run time using fully charged batteries at 100% brightness and 4.5 hours at 50% brightness.

L60-B LED COB with Gel and Umbrella

Easy Umbrella and Gel Mounting

The L60-B Gel & Umbrella Reflector Mount attaches to the L60-B’s 45° Ultra Reflector for secure mounting of an umbrella and gels. Create dramatic effects or change the color of backgrounds with the included red, yellow, green, blue, and diffusion gels.

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