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Scrim Jim

The original modular lighting control system.


Scrim Jim Diffusion Fabric

$59.90 - $164.90
(Based on Selection)

Scrim Jim Black Block Fabric

$79.90 - $139.90
(Based on Selection)

Scrim Jim Reflective Fabric

$79.90 - $219.90
(Based on Selection)

The Original Light Control System

The Scrim Jim our original modular light control system. Ideal for on-the-go photographers, Scrim Jim frames are ultra-lightweight for streamlined location photography, travel, and storage. Regardless of the size you choose, each frame snaps together within seconds and is ready to block, reflect, diffuse, and detract whatever light is present.

Scrim Jim frames and fabrics for photography and filmmaking

Invented over 20 years ago, the Scrim Jim has evolved to become a go-to light control system for photographers and filmmakers around the globe.

Essential Versatility

For the active videographer or photographer, the Scrim Jim line gives users the ability to build essential light control tools. Scrim Jim frames can be adorned by one of 5 different fabrics for blocking, diffusing, and reflecting light. Larger Scrim Jim frames can create multiple sizes and an additional extension kit is available if you ever choose to increase your frame size.

Scrim Jim light control fabric options
Durable Scrim Jim framework

Precision Craftsmanship

Constructed with aircraft aluminum, Scrim Jim frames are extremely durable, yet surprisingly lightweight. Even the largest Scrim Jim frame weighs under 3 pounds, allowing for handheld control. Additional clamps are available for light stand mounting options.

Fabrics Instantly Attach to Frames

Hook-and-loop tape is riveted to each Scrim Jim frame, allowing for quick set-up, tear-down, and fabric swapping. Each fabric features hook-and-loop edging for instant placement on frames with corner security tabs to ensure mounting even on windy locations.

Fabric attaching to Scrim Jim framework
Photo shoot using Scrim Jim frame and diffusion fabric
Photo: ©Clay Cook

Diffuse Light

With 3/4-stop and 1 1/4-stop options available, Scrim Jim diffusers precisely soften any light source that you encounter.

Reflect Light

Bounce and enhance sunlight and studio lighting with Scrim Jim's reversible reflective silver and white reflective fabrics.

Portrait photographed using Scrim Jim reflective silver fabric
Photo: ©Chi Lee
Portrait video lighting setup using Scrim Jim black block
Photo: ©Jim Schmelzer

Block or Flag Light

Scrim Jim block fabrics are versatile fabrics for photographers and filmmakers, with the ability to block light, shape light, flag light, add shadows, block wind, and more.

Affordable & Versatile Kits

For the active videographer or photographer, Scrim Jim Kits provide the ability to control light with both diffusion and reflective fabrics. Kits range in size from 42" x 42" up to 71" x 71".

Scrim Jim light control kit in use during photo shoot