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Versatile lighting solutions for photography and filmmaking.

Continuous LED Lighting for Photo & Video

Solix LED for photography and video lighting


This compact and powerful LED monolight emits high-quality daylight output, operates on AC/DC power, and is designed with an array of convenient features for compatibility with virtually any softbox.

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Flex LED mats, sets, and kits


Meet the industry’s most versatile light source. Flex are lightweight, water-resistant, and pliable LED panels available in daylight or bi-color mats in sizes up to 2x2'.

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Ice Light LED

Ice Light 2

As the original handheld LED light source, the Ice Light offers ultra-portable, beautiful daylight-balanced continuous lighting for on-the-go photographers and filmmakers.

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Skylux LED monolight and Rapid Box octagonal softbox kits


Powerful, high-end LED technology meets traditional light modification. Skylux omits a pristine 5600K daylight-balanced constant output and quickly mounts to any traditional modifier.

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Fluorescent and Tungsten Lighting

Spiderlite TD6 light heads, kits, lamps, and accessories

Spiderlite TD6

Harness the power of professional tungsten or fluorescent lighting with the industry’s most respected constant light source. The Spiderlite TD6 is designed with high-end components for years of use.

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D5 fluorescent light fixture, kits, lamps, and accessories

Basics D5

Powerful fluorescent lighting has never been more affordable. This compact lighting system offers complete output control, 3 softbox styles, and a variety of cost-effective all-inclusive kits.

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uLite light fixture, kits, lamps, and accessories

Basics uLite

Meet the must have continuous lighting system for budding photographers and videographers. These compact and easy-to-use lighting kits are effective tools for getting started with studio lighting.

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Strobelite & Strobelite Plus

Powerful and easy-to-use off-camera flash systems feature built-in mounting, a long-range optical sync function, adjustable modeling lamp.

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Strobelite Plus and Strobelite light heads, kits, grids, barndoors, and accessories