7' Umbrellas

7' Umbrellas

Maximize your light output with these large and portable lighting controls for portable flashes, strobes, continuous lights, and natural light photography



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7-Foot Umbrella Bundle7-Foot Umbrella Bundle
7-Foot Umbrella Bundle
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#4633 - 7' Silver Parabolic UmbrellaStandard Umbrella - Silver Bounce (7')
#4634 - 7' White/Black Parabolic UmbrellaStandard Umbrella - White/Black Bounce (7')
#4632 - 7' Diffusion Parabolic UmbrellaStandard Umbrella - White Diffusion (7')
Parabolic White Diffusion FrontFull-Stop Diffusion Fabric for 7' Umbrella

Photo Umbrella Sizes for Every Situation

Ranging in size from 24" to 7', umbrellas are the cost-effective, travel-friendly light modifier for any style of photography including product, headshots, fashion, sports, and even group portraits.

Small Standard Umbrella For Studio Portrait
Large Standard Umbrella For Studio Portrait
7' Umbrella For Studio Portrait
7' Umbrella Diffusing Sun For Outdoor Portrait

Soften your Light Source

Diffusion or shoot-through umbrellas are designed with quality 1-stop diffusion fabric that softens and expands your light. Large diffusion umbrellas can also be used outside to soften overhead sunlight.

Deep Umbrella with Diffusion Used for Outdoor Male Portrait

Reflective Bounce Umbrellas

Our reflective umbrellas are designed to bounce light back onto your subject, maximizing your light’s output and range. These umbrellas are available with silver or white interiors. A diffusion front is also available for parabolic bounce reflectors, giving you the ability to both maximize and soften your light source.

Standard Umbrellas With Removable Covers

2-in-1 Light Control

Reflect and Diffuse Light

Looking for more versatility? Check out our umbrellas with removable black covers, which quickly convert from reflective to diffusion modifiers.

Historical Photo Golf Umbrellas Being Assembled

History in the Making

Involved in manufacturing umbrellas since 1899, Westcott has a long history of designing innovative, high-quality umbrellas. Our founders set their sights on the golf industry in the 1940s, inventing the fiberglass umbrella frame and designing products for legendary golf professionals.

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