behind the scenes rock star portrait with 36" octa pro light mods

Pro Light Mods Flash Kits

Enhance your photography with turnkey, portable flash bundles featuring Pro Light Mods. Instantly create stunning images in-camera with creative background lighting that will impress your clients and talent. 



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pro light mods introduction video

Transform Your Sports Photography with a Stadium Lighting Setup 

Capture the stadium lighting look for your sports photography without the need to rent expensive HMI lights or composite in post-processing. Pro Light Mods allow you to easily achieve the stadium lighting setup in-camera for a professional and impressive look.

hollywood light bank style glamour portrait using pro light modshollywood light bank style glamour portrait using pro light mods

Create a Hollywood Light Bank for a Modern Background Light 

With Pro Light Mods' softbox modifiers, achieving a super-modern background light for a striking and impressive look is easier than ever. These modifiers can transform your softbox into a Hollywood-style light bank, perfect for fashion shoots, Instagram content, and video productions.

portrait and weddings shots using pro light mods

Enhance Your Portrait Sessions & Weddings

Are you a senior portrait or wedding photographer looking to add a unique and impressive touch to your photos? These mods are perfect for senior portrait sessions, allowing you to offer your clients a stadium lighting setup that will make their shots stand out from the rest. Wedding photographers can use mods for stunning backgrounds during the first dance and other special moments.

pro light mods fits with rapid box switch and other softboxes

Innovative, Durable and Lightweight Design  

Fits Rapid Box Switch and Other Softboxes 

Pro Light Mods are designed to fit the Westcott Rapid Box Switch and other third-party softboxes. Pair them with a strobe or constant light for dramatic backlighting in your next photo or video shoot.

Pro Light Mods Mini

Transform Your Reflectors into Dynamic Set Pieces

Pro Light Mods Mini reflector covers turn your metal reflectors into dynamic set pieces, creating background effects that resemble small stage lights or stadium lighting. They give your strobe or LED lights a new purpose with minimal effort.

Endless Creative Options 

Take Your Photos & Videos to the Next Level

These light modifiers offer incredible flexibility, allowing you to experiment with multiple looks by rotating your softbox, adding color gels, or using artificial smoke. Put them side-by-side and pair with other mod sizes for more dynamic looks.

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