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Light Modifiers

High-quality softboxes and umbrellas for every style of light, over 100 years in the making.

Pro Softboxes

Backed by a 5-7 year warranty, we made a commitment to using only high-quality materials and superior construction when building our softboxes. With solid steel assembly rods, dual-layered corners, heat shield fabric, and tent-style vents, these traditional modifiers have become a favorite amongst professional photographers and filmmakers.

Reflector with removable center panel
Photo: ©Terry White

Zeppelin Deep Parabolic Softboxes

Versatile modifiers for commercial and fashion photographers, equipped with 16 heavy-duty heat-resistant rods, taut silver interior, and removable diffusion panels for superior control and stunning results.

Fashion model portrait using Zeppelin deep parabolic softbox by Joel Grimes
Photo: ©Joel Grimes
Rapid Box Collapsible Softboxes
Photo: ©Joel Grimes

Rapid Box Softboxes

These ingenious softboxes combine the usability of umbrella-style framework with inclusive built-in mounting systems for the most portable softbox-style modification in the industry. An optional deflector plate turns these boxes into an instant beauty dish. Available for either speedlights and monolights, these modifiers are the premier solution for on-the-go filmmakers and photographers looking for high-end lighting without the time-consuming setup.

Umbrella Softboxes

Meet the Apollo and the Halo, our best-selling line of speedlite and studio light modifiers. These modifiers, unlike traditional softboxes, are designed with an umbrella-style frame, allowing for the quickest assembly and disassembly possible. Utilizing fiberglass frames, they are both durable and extremely lightweight for effortless portability.

Rapid Box Softboxes
Photo: ©Erik Valind

Pocket Box Speedlite Softboxes

Constructed with the same materials as larger softboxes, Pocket Boxes are the simplest tools for modifying your speedlites and flashes. Whether you’re shooting with the flash on a stand or on-camera, Pocket Boxes eliminate red eye, diffuse harsh lighting, and assist in balancing ambient light.

Pocket Box Flash Softboxes
Photo: ©Erin Manning
Umbrellas for Photography


For cost-effective yet versatile modification of any style of off-camera lighting, shoot-through and reflective umbrellas are the compact solution for softening and maximizing output. With durable framework and quality fabrics, Westcott's professional parabolic and standard umbrellas prove to be the essential modifier for all photographers.