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Rapid Box Collapsible Softboxes

All-inclusive, instant setup softboxes with optional beauty dish deflector plates for on-the-go professionals.


Rapid Box Octa XL/XXL for Studio Lights


Collapsible Beauty Dish


Rapid Box Strip for Studio Lights

Rapid Box Beauty Dish Collapsible Softbox

Travel-Friendly Beauty Dish

This 24" beauty dish is ultra-portable and built with convenience in mind. Designed by world-renowned photographer Joel Grimes, this collapsible beauty dish directs a soft, clean pattern of light straight toward your subject. With a custom-designed white interior and durable components, this modifier creates true beauty dish lighting.

For Speedlight

Speedlite Rapid Boxes are available in single-speedlite 20", 26", and 10"x24" options. The dual-speedlite 32" Rapid Box Duo is also available to increase light output. The Rapid Boxes series features a versatile rear-mounted cold shoe bracket with adjustable height and depth for use with virtually any speedlites.

Zach Gray portrait photo shoot using Rapid Box Octa for speedlights
Photo: ©Zach Gray
Joel Grimes on location using Rapid Box XL modifier
Photo: ©Joel Grimes

For Strobe & Monolights

The 36" Rapid Box XL and the 48" Rapid Box XXL are designed for use with a variety of strobes and continuous light heads.

Eliminate Hot Spots

The optional Rapid Box Deflector Plate can be used to minimize hot spots and create dramatic beauty-style lighting. These deflector plates mount easily and are compatible with all Rapid Box softboxes.

Rapid Box Deflector Plate for Speedlights