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Durable studio light modification backed by the industry's best warranties


Pro Shallow Softbox

$104.45 - $346.90
(Based on Selection)

Pro Signature Softbox

$69.45 - $369.90
(Based on Selection)
Durable softboxes for photographers and filmmaking production

Durable Softboxes Backed for 10 Years

With the industry's best warranty, newly improved rectangular softboxes, Stripbank, and Octabank modifiers are equipped with an array of unmatched features to give you the stunning professional lighting that you’ve been searching for.

Versatile Rectangular Softboxes

Rectangular softboxes are an excellent choice for product photography, food photography, and still life as well as creating the traditional North Light quality sought by traditional portraitists.

softbox photoshoot behind the scenes setup
softbox photoshoot final image

Stripbank Offers a Perfect Edge Light, Rim Light, or Hair Light

Due to their long and narrow profile, Stripbank softboxes offer precise control over your light source. These modifiers are ideal for hair, rim, or edge lights and are perfectly paired with optional egg-crate grids.

Stripbank softboxes for hair and rim lighting bts setup
Stripbank softboxes for hair and rim lighting final image

Octabank: The Ideal Key Light

Large, octogonal modifiers are ideal for photographing people. Due to their round shape, Octabank softboxes leave a natural, more appealing catch light in your subject’s eyes. These modifiers are a perfect key light for fashion and commercial photography.

Octabank softbox behind sceens setup
Shallow softboxes

Shallow Softboxes with a Narrow Profile

For modifying continuous light sources in any space, our shallow softboxes offer superior light control without the bulky construction. With a narrow 26-inch profile, shallow softboxes are perfect when working in cramped studios and spaces.

Precisely Control Your Light with Grids

40-degree grids are the most popular choice for photographers and filmmakers, allowing for precise light control with limited loss of light. Collapsible 40-degree egg-crate grids are available for Stripbank and rectangular softboxes.

Reflective softbox with egg crate grid for light control