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Flex LED

Groundbreaking flexible LED mats backed by a lifetime limited warranty







Flex LED mat curved

The Original Flexible LED

Patented Flex LED mats are offered in a variety of sizes with daylight or bi-color options. These pro flicker-free lights provide consistent output with pristine 95-98 CRI ratings, water-resistant exteriors, and pliable framework that can be used anywhere.

Flex Mat Lifetime Limited Warranty

Daylight LED Mats

Available in sizes ranging from 10x3" to 2x2', Flex Daylight LED Mats are perfectly balanced at 5600K to quickly and easily complement the available lighting on your next production.

Flex daylight-balanced mat
Bi-color Flex mat

Bi-Color LED Mats

Flex Bi-Color LED Mats are available in sizes ranging from 10x3" to 1x2'. Each bi-color mat is designed with higher-output LEDs so that you don’t have to compromise output for versatility. These mats include a sleek digital dimmer that allows for precise color temperature tuning between 2800K and 6000K.

Flex Meets Scrim Jim Cine

Paired perfectly together, Flex LED mats and Scrim Jim Cine modular framework offer an entirely new dynamic from a traditional light panel. This cutting-edge set includes a flexible LED mat, framework, diffusion fabric, and mounting hardware. It's time to discover an entirely new way to light.

Closeup of Flex Cine Set
On location photo shoot using Flex mat with Scrim Jim Cine framework
Photo: ©Eric Eggly

Flex Cine Travel Kits

Paired perfectly with the Scrim Jim Cine modular frame system, the Flex Cine Location Kits include a pair of flexible mats, portable batteries, framework, diffusion, and mounting hardware for quick integration as your go-to portable lighting setup.

Peter Hurley's 4-Light Portrait Kit

Known for delivering award-winning high-key portraits with impeccable lighting, Top Pro photographer Peter Hurley wanted more from his lighting setup. After rigorous testing, together we assembled a perfect mix of components to bring photographers around the world a portable, easy-to-use headshot lighting kit that fits inside a single case.

Peter Hurley Flex LED Kit photo shoot
Results using Peter Hurley Flex LED Kit photo shoot
Photo: ©Peter Hurley

Direct and Soften

Looking to control the light spill of your Flex? Pair your Flex with a corresponding Scrim Jim Cine Frame and Flex Portable Softbox. This collapsible modifier attaches instantly to your Flex and includes a removable 1/4-stop diffusion panel. Built-in grommets allow for direct frame mounting.

Flex mat with collapsible softbox

Various Mounting Options

The unique design of the Scrim Jim Cine Frame allows for a multitude of mounting options. Partner your frame with your choice of mounting hardware, like our available Universal Stud, Dual-Socket Magic Arm, Tilter Bracket, Center Jaw Vise Grip, Boom Arm, or Grip Head. Mix and match for the ultimate setup!